The Seasons Eastbourne Restaurant Experience

Whether you’re new to Seasons restaurant deli, or a regular customer, our desire is to make your experience enjoyable, memorable and, of course, delicious! All of our produce is specifically chosen on a seasonal basis, offering the highest quality, taste and individuality throughout the entire year. We stock a host of great local products, as well as a range of carefully sourced produce from further afield - our desire is to stimulate your taste buds, expand your flavour horizons and find your new, favourite food and drink!

As soon as you arrive at Seasons restaurant deli you will notice that the surroundings offer something intriguing and different... Come in, sit down, and the first thing you may spot is that we have crank tables, allowing you to pick the exact height at which you choose to eat! Once you’re seated, take a look around you - we have deli counters displaying new, fresh produce every day, whilst drinks, chocolates, pickles, preserves and much more are all neatly presented on apple crate shelving around the shop - Seasons restaurant offer both a dining and a retail experience, allowing you to not only enjoy delicious produce in-store, but also to purchase products directly off the shelf to enjoy at home!

Continue looking around and you’ll notice something we’re particularly proud of, the ‘wine wall’, a selection of nearly fifty expertly chosen wines from around the world. In the middle of the wine wall sits our Italian wine machine, presenting sixteen of our wines at perfect serving temperature - ready to sample and purchase by the glass. Sampling is a big part of Seasons restaurant and that’s why we’ve made it so easy - to use our wine machines, simply top-up a taste card, select a wine and serving size, then sit back, relax, drink and enjoy!

Coffee is another big passion of Seasons, so where better to relax than in our Coffee Lounge. The Coffee Lounge is all about having somewhere comfortable and quiet to enjoy your favourite beverage, whatever it may be. As well as coffee, we have many other drinks to share with you, including local beers, ciders, soft-drinks and teas.

For a closer look at our food and drink, view our online menu and, most importantly, visit us in-store! If you’re looking for something unique, Seasons restaurant Eastbourne is the place to visit - the stewards are always happy to share their knowledge of the produce and will even do your shopping for you whilst you relax in-store with some fine food and drink!

We are at the very beginning of the Seasons journey and there’s a lot more to come which we can’t wait to share with you! The menu will continue to expand and there will be regular seasonal events. We also have plans for many further online features, offering engaging content on a daily basis.

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